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About Open North

We are a non-profit, driven by our values. We work with public, private and research partners as well as community stakeholders to foster effective, responsible, and collaborative use of data and technology and solve complex problems.

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About Open North


For data and technology that empower transparent, accountable and inclusive communities.


Open North drives research, capacity-building and network collaboration across and within sectors to advance the responsible and effective use of data & technology.

Story Team Board

Our Team

Our dynamic team comprises members from diverse backgrounds in a variety of sectors, with specialized expertise in government, strategic and operational planning, community building, information technology, applied research, international development and policy development.

Merlin Chatwin

Executive Director

Lana Petraznyk

Deputy Director, Operations

Maria Tomovic

Deputy Director, Program Delivery

Dominique Camps


Steve Coutts

Senior Analyst

Lauriane Gorce

Program Coordinator

Samuel Kohn

Senior Program Manager

Lucas Mesquita


Marie Plamondon

Senior Analyst

Megan Wylie

Program Manager

Ayesha Zamudio

Senior Analyst

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