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Applied Research Lab

Our interdisciplinary team of researchers takes on complex and systemic issues to develop actionable knowledge for a variety of stakeholders interested in harnessing data and tech in the public interest. We bring a critical mindset to the table, developing evidence-based solutions and recommendations in support of our partners and clients.

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Applied Research Lab

ARL’s approach

Open North staff conducts original research in partnership with academics, practitioners and activists to develop actionable knowledge that helps communities address emerging issues posed by the use of data & tech.

Through applied & action research and tailored capacity-building programs, we help our clients and partners bridge organisational silos, structure multi-stakeholder data collaboration and collect, manage, analyse, share and use data based on best practices such as responsibility, interoperability, openness, and accountability.

The ARL has worked with organizations in a variety of local and international contexts, using quantitative and qualitative methods to document best practices, create tools and solve problems in domains such as open data, data governance and open smart cities.

Driven by our values, we strive to answer practical research questions that will move us toward better data and tech futures.

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Open Data

The value of open data in improving the life of citizens, increasing public administrations’ transparency, accountability and comparability, and promoting economic development and research, is well documented. Open North has a long track record of supporting the development of open data strategies, standards, policies and guidelines with public and private partners. We aimed to continue fostering organizational culture change in favor of transparency.

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Data Governance

Our global economy increasingly depends on data flows between individuals and organizations, opening new opportunities for multi-stakeholder data sharing and improved decision-making. The Applied Research Lab’s Data Governance program aims to research, document and develop emerging collaborative practices and value-driven data governance mechanisms that can be tailored and scaled up in a variety of contexts and sectors.

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Open Smart Cities

Our Open Smart Cities program is dedicated to helping municipalities implement smart city projects in a manner that empower their community, create trust and strengthen accountability and transparency. Led by the Advisory Service, this program offers strategic and technical guidance based on the newest knowledge developed by the Applied Research Lab.

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And All Other Data & Tech Issues

Our aim is to explore new territories and find innovative ways to use data and tech to serve the public interest. You face a particular challenge? Contact us! Some of our recent research topics include : citizen narratives, digital identity, online facilitation techniques, digital democracy, open government, data-sharing (in culture, health and mobility sectors), performance measurements, and much more.

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