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Aligning Canadian Open Data Programs with International Best Practices

The international Open Data Charter (ODC) is a set of 6 principles that provide governments with a common foundation upon which to realise the full potential of open data. As Steward of the ODC, OpenNorth interviewed ten cities and four provinces in Canada to discuss how the ODC could align with sub-national open data policies and programs. The report is a collaboration with Geothink. The City of Edmonton was Canada’s first city to subsequently adopt the ODC and OpenNorth currently advises the Province of Ontario on the ODC’s implementation.

Authors: Erin Bryson (OpenNorth, Geothink), Jean-Noé Landry (OpenNorth), Prof Peter Johnson (University of Waterloo)

Funded by Canada’s Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) Partnership Grant, Geothink, in January 2017.

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