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Open Smart Cities in Canada: Webinar 2

As Canadian municipalities pursue developing and deploying open and smart city strategies and roadmaps it is suggested in this webinar that there are tools, practices, policies and legislation that can inform and assist public officials in decision making about the deployment of open smart cities and also about the processes and procedures that enable the dissemination of data generated in smart city contexts and about the technologies that are used to generate those data. Findings from this webinar are particularly timely due to the recent launch of Infrastructure Canada’s Smart Cities Challenge.

This research is led by OpenNorth and funded by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) GeoConnections. The core team of experts leading the research for this project include Prof. Tracey Lauriault at Carleton University, M. David Fewer at the Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic (CIPPIC) and Prof. Mark S. Fox at the University of Toronto. Video recording of the webinar presentation available here. Nous avons également présenté ce webinaire en français. Voici l’enregistrement du webinaire avec les diapositives de la présentation.

Authors: Rachel Bloom (OpenNorth), Dr Tracey Lauriault (Carleton University), Jean-Noé Landry (OpenNorth)

Funded by Natural Resources Canada in December 2017

View the recording here

View the slides here

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