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Canada in the World: Towards Canadian-Led Open Government

In collaboration with Powered by Data, OpenNorth identified the opportunities for Canada to take a leadership role in the global open government movement and expand the Federal Government’s open government policy internationally. We position open government within the arena of foreign policy and as an alternative form of Canadian soft power. Based on the views of 13 Canadian open government experts, the following 6 themes provide guidance for Canada’s leadership role as a member of the Open Government Partnership Steering Committee:

  1. Lead by Example

  2. Active and Proactive Participation by Politicians and Civil Servants at all Levels

  3. Clarify the Message

  4. Go Beyond Compliance

  5. Translate Open Government to Other Policy Areas

  6. Reinforce the Relationship with Canadian Civil Society Organisations

Authored by OpenNorth and Powered by Data

Funded by OpenNorth and Powered by Data in November 2017

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