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Open Smart Cities in Canada: Webinar 3

In this webinar we present a first ever definition for an Open Smart City and the Open Smart Cities Guide V1.0, informed by research conducted in Canada and an examination of international best practices. In the context of Canada’s Smart Cities Challenge and the public conversation regarding Sidewalk Labs, this webinar gave us timely opportunity to receive public feedback on the definition and structure of our guide. The webinar refers to tools, practices, policies, recommendations and legal frameworks to guide Canadian municipalities toward co-creating Open Smart Cities with their residents. Video recording of the webinar presentation available here.

This report is an output of Open Smart Cities in Canada, a one-year collaborative research project.

Authors: Tracey P. Lauriault, Rachel Bloom, Jean-Noé Landry

Funded by Natural Resources Canada’s GeoConnections Program in Spring 2018

View the recording here

View the slides here

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