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Open Smart City Initiatives as Tools for Indigenous Data Sovereignty

We are pleased to announce the release of the research brief Open Smart City Initiatives as Tools for Indigenous Data Sovereignty, authored by The Firelight Group!

Indigenous data are largely not held or possessed by the Indigenous nations and peoples they represent. As an organization that focuses on data sharing and Open Smart Communities, we have much to learn to ensure that the First Nations Principles of OCAP® (ownership, control, access, and possession) set forth by the First Nations Information Governance Centre (n.d.) and the interests of Indigenous communities are upheld in Open Smart Community initiatives. 

This research brief highlights Indigenous Data Sovereignty as a key concept in Open Smart Communities and data sharing. The brief outlines best practices for municipalities seeking to work with Indigenous communities on Open Smart Community initiatives and provides recommendations for approaching the work in a way that builds long-term relationships and upholds Indigenous sovereignty.

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