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Open and ethical procurement guide on engaging with the private sector

This guide is intended for municipal officials responsible for information technology or procurement in Canadian cities. This document is an integral part of the open procurement approach developed by Open North1 based on successful experiments conducted by several Canadian cities, including Montreal (Quebec) and Bridgewater (Nova Scotia). This guide is part of Open North’s participation in the Community Solutions Network, a community-centric platform for communities to connect and build a national centre of excellence in open smart cities. A program of Future Cities Canada, the Network receives funding from the Government of Canada. As the project lead, Evergreen is working with lead technical partner Open North and other partners to provide valuable information, learning opportunities, advisory and capacity building services to Canadian communities in key areas of data and technology, helping to improve the lives of residents. The purpose of this document is to recommend best practices to be followed when establishing relationships with private suppliers. We cover both information technology procurement and the conduct of ethical relationships with current or potential private suppliers.

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