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How Can We Improve Urban Resilience with Open Data?

Urban resilience is focused around issues that are constantly changing and evolving, such as migration patterns, employment trends, industrial development, and climate change. Launched at the OGP’s annual conference in Paris in 2016, OpenNorth’s discussion paper on the value added by open data in addressing urban resilience is based on the input of 35 global south and north experts. The discussion paper informs OpenNorth’s contribution in developing the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR)’s Making Cities Resilient Campaign toolkit.

Authors: Jean-Noé Landry (OpenNorth), Keira Webster (OpenNorth, Geothink), Bianca Wylie (OpenNorth), Pamela Robinson MCIP RPP (Urban Planning Ryerson University, Geothink Researcher)

Funded by Open Data for Development in December 2016

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