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Over the years, we have developed long-term relationships with our clients and partners through personalized projects adapted to their needs. Discover our most recent work here.

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The Community Solutions Network

The Community Solutions Network is a community-centric platform, founded and led by Evergreen Brickworks. Within this unique partnership, Open North’s Advisory Service Team is the Lead Technical Partner and provides personalized data and technology related support by sharing knowledge, expertise, experience and guidance to municipal staff and Indigenous communities.

Through this program, Open North offers:

  • Free online courses, webinars and workshops
  • Strategic reflection & matchmaking support
  • Expert and technical advisory advice
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A Data-Centric Approach To Public Consultation For Policy-Making In Ukraine

With the support of the United Kingdom’s Good Governance Fund, Open North and the National Democratic Institute work together to help build capacity for sustainable public consultation in Ukraine. The goal of the program, called Amplifying the voices of citizens in policy-making through public consultation, is to develop and apply a data-centric model of public consultation at the national level; one that improves government decision-making by incorporating citizens in the policy process. Our data-centric approach increases accessibility and standardization for large scale public consultations that generate sizable amounts of data.

Designing A Data Governance Model For Health Research Data

Open North is the main collaborator in the research project Design and implementation of a new data governance model in the digital health era; PULSAR as a responsible innovation test bench led by Philippe Després and Pierre-Luc Déziel from Université Laval and funded by the Observatoire international sur les impacts sociétaux de l’IA et du numérique (OBVIA). The objectives of the project are to document and assess stakeholder acceptability of various consent mechanisms and then to develop and implement a data governance model suitable for the PULSAR ecosystem.

Montréal en commun Data and Technology Governance Program

In 2019, Montréal won the $50M prize in the Canadian Smart Cities Challenge. As a key partner of the Laboratoire d’innovation urbaine de Montréal (LIUM), Open North leads the co-construction and implementation of data governance practices within multiple data-sharing initiatives on food systems, mobility, social and indegenous data. The objectives of the program are to strengthen public trust, protect citizen privacy, increase interoperability across organizations and improve the capacity and data management efficiency of the partners.

Town Of Bridgewater

Open North has played a vital role in supporting the Town of Bridgewater as they implement their Smart Cities Challenge winning project, Energize Bridgewater. Since January 2020, the Advisory Services has provided support in the development of their RFP on the procurement of their Energy Management Information System, one of the main technical components of the project; and continues to provide guidance around the complex data governance, IT security, and procurement engagement aspects of that project. For more information on the work being completed, check out our case study and strategic report.

The Governance Of Data Partnerships

Open North is leading research and implementation in data governance. Our research report Digital data partnerships: laying the foundation for collaborative data governance in the public interest (to be released), sponsored by Synapse C and the Laboratoire d’innovation urbaine de Montréal (LIUM), contributes to the understanding of how data can be shared in a collaborative setting among organizations in order to pursue public benefits. We provide practical recommendations to advance responsible, effective and accountable data governance. This report is situated in the broader movement towards collaborative data governance in Montreal, where in recent years key players have been committed to exploring and experimenting with new approaches and models.

City Of Toronto - Data Governance And Digital Infrastructure Research

In 2019, the City of Toronto began developing its Digital Infrastructure Plan to meet the challenges that come with the use of data and ‘smart’ technology to improve services and operations. The Applied Research Lab was given the mandate to research and document current issues and practices around data governance and digital infrastructure. Our extensive research culminated in a final report, which includes over 20 case studies from all over the world. Our team synthesized a set of key considerations for city staff as they embark upon future smart city projects.

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A Data Charter For The Performing Arts Sector In Canada

Open North is partnering with CAPACOA, a service organization for the performing arts sector across Canada, to document the potential of data-sharing and open data for art and culture as well as explore the relevance and effectiveness of data charters in improving event discoverability and marketing for performing arts organizations.

As part of CAPACOA’s Linked Digital Futures Initiative, Open North will gather key stakeholders in a webinar to explore use cases of data charters in the sector. This will be followed by a report that examines the potential challenges and gains that a charter could produce for the industry in Canada.

Dataware - Data literacy for food systems

Participating in today’s digital society requires us to adopt critical mindsets while we access, understand and evaluate data and information. This is why Open North has worked to advance citizen data literacy skills, through its project Dataware. As part of the Canadian Internet Registration Authority’s Community Investment program, Open North worked in collaboration with Communautique, in order to develop and test a data literacy curriculum with students in Montreal. This educational material equips students to access data related to food systems and food security, to ultimately empower them to advocate for better data and more sustainable and equitable local food systems.

Open North is engaged in a range of local, national, and international forums and networks to collect, contribute, and mobilize knowledge and expertise. As a non-profit organization, such opportunities enable us to advocate positions in the public interest, build new connections between partners, and help us design and conduct impactful projects at the cutting edge of developments in the data & tech sectors.

City of Montreal
City of Toronto
Town of Bridgewater
City of Trois-Rivières
Municipal Information Systems Association (MISA)
Evergreen Brickworks
McConnell Family Foundation
National Democratic Institute (NDI)
International Development Research Centre (IDRC)
Global Data Barometer
Data Publica
Infrastructure Canada
International observatory on the social impacts of artificial intelligence and digital technologies (OBVIA)
Esri Canada
Community Foundations Canada (CFC)
Open Data Institute (ODI)
Open Government Partnership (OGP)
Open Contracting Partnership
Synapse C

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