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Partnership Announcement: Open North and Numana

Open North and Numana are pleased to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding to collaborate on data and technology initiatives for municipalities across Canada.

Through this partnership, our organizations will work together to build capacity within municipalities to responsibly and effectively use data and technology in the public interest. We aim to accomplish this through promoting and exchanging best practices as well as supporting a stakeholder ecosystem centred on a vision of technological innovation as a collective resource.

About Open North

Founded in 2011, Open North is Canada’s leading not-for-profit values-driven organization specializing in open data and open government, community engagement, and open smart cities. Our mission is to drive research, capacity-building and network collaboration across and within sectors to advance the responsible and effective use of data and technology in order to achieve our vision of data and technology that empower transparent, accountable and inclusive communities. Through research and advisory services, we empower communities to reimagine how to use and govern data and technology and make informed decisions in the public interest. Our work is grounded in values of transparency, accountability, civic participation and inclusivity. We share the tools and knowledge we develop back to the community for all to benefit and move towards a better data and tech future.

About Numana

Founded in 2007, Numana is a non-profit organization that makes significant contributions to economic and social vitality by bringing stakeholders from the private, institutional and public technology sectors together around common goals and joint initiatives. We contribute to value creation and foster innovation by building bridges between various industry players. Numana’s mission is to make technological innovation a collective resource. Numana’s aim is to increase the impact of technologies to transform each strategic market for the Quebec of the future and to accelerate the innovations of today to generate technologies for the people of tomorrow.

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