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This Week in Open Government | October 12, 2012

  • The Open Knowledge Foundation presented to the United Nation Public Administration Network on how to design an open government data initiative. In their presentation, they stress to administrators that open government is about citizen engagement, government transparency and accountability – not mainly about better public service delivery – and that the focus should be on legislative reform and publishing data, not on “shiny web interfaces.”

  • Quebec Ouvert’s final preparatory session before November’s Hackons la Corruption will take place next Saturday on October 20th. Join on EventBrite if you’re interested in helping prepare datasets for the big event.

  • The International Conference on Theory and Practice of Electronic Government will take place next week in Albany, NY. Check out Gov 2.0radio’s exclusive coverage in the lead-up to the event.

  • This week, Parliamentary Budget Officer Kevin Page extended his deadline for the Canadian Government to turn over details on the impact of recent budget decisions. Some departments, such as Public Works and Government Services, have started to comply, which puts pressure on their peers to do so as well. Assuming Page receives the data he requested, the next question is, will his office share it with the public?

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