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This Week in Open Government | November 2, 2012

  • We are pleased to announce that we will be welcoming a team from the Sunlight Foundation’s Boston office next week. Throughout the week we will be working together on open data projects and look forward to learning from each others’ experiences. We will be sure to share the results of our collaboration with you soon!

  • Next weekend is Hackons la Corruption! This much-anticipated event is finally here, and Montreal Ouvert has posted details of the many workshops offered that weekend. Tickets for the November 10th and 11th event are still available on EventBrite.

  • Amidst the devastation of Hurricane Sandy in the northeast this week, open data apps (maps in particular) were put to the test. TechCrunch has an article explaining why we are all a little bit safer when governments release open data. Hopefully this experience will raise open data on governments’ priority list.

  • The UK’s Cabinet Office released the final version of their open standards principles which outline requirements for government software and data interoperability. These principles, which are the result of much public consultation, are a landmark for the open data community. A detailed explanation of their impact on sole-proprietor software and the industry at-large can be found in this post from the Editor of

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