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This Week in Open Government | December 21, 2012

  • If you are interested in understanding more about participatory budgeting and how it can work in your community, check out the Participatory Budgeting toolkit. Released by the PB Unit in the UK, these resources can help you design an effective civic engagement experience.

  • The Atlantic Cities has posted what they think were the best open data releases in the US from 2012. This list could be very inspiring for Canadian municipalities who have yet to open their data!

  • Another Canadian politician, Pat Martinhas left Twitter after a heated out-burst. Can we rely on Twitter as a civic engagement tool? MP Charlie Angus, asks this question and discusses his own experience on Twitter in this Huffington Post article from earlier this year.

  • To take a break from viewing open data as a tool of open government, what about open data as art? This blog post from the PLOS research group takes a look at how data can inspire and be subverted by art.

Happy Holidays from Open North!

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