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MaMairie fundraiser success


The Open North team, Louise Harel, Marc-André Gadoury and Alex Norris

  • We would like to extend a great big thank you to all of our friends and supporters who joined us on Wednesday night for our 5@7 in support of - we raised over $400 in one night! We were thrilled to be joined by Councillor Louise Harel, leader of Vision Montréal, Councillor Alex Norris, Councillor Marc-André Gadoury and Councillor Richard Ryan as well. We look forward to seeing everyone again when the platform launches later this year!

  • The Pew Research Centre’s Internet project released their report “Civic Engagement in the Digital Era” on Thursday. Stephen Clift, an Internet and democracy expert, calls the report a “must read” for the civic engagement sector and has already commented on figures from the report.

  • Eight additional countries announced their open government initiatives to the Open Government Partnership’s steering committee this week. Currently, 58 countries have joined the partnership, of which Open North is an official network supplier.

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