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ARL Open Data Analyst pursuing graduate studies at University College London


Hannah Ker, the Applied Research Lab’s Open Data Analyst, is saying goodbye to OpenNorth as she leaves to pursue a Master’s degree in Spatial Data Science at the University College London (UCL) this fall.

Over her year at OpenNorth, Hannah has worked on a number of projects and contributed to the development of the Applied Research Lab. Hannah’s work at OpenNorth has addressed themes of data literacy, public consultation, data management, and homelessness.

“The learning opportunities at OpenNorth have been incredible. I have learned so much about the everyday challenges that government and organizations face when trying to collect, manage, and analyze various forms of data,” said Hannah.

Hannah’s time at OpenNorth began with work on the structuring and analysis of public consultation data with the Privy Council Office. Hannah’s efforts with the Privy Council Office have continued this winter, when she helped develop an online learning tool to promote data literacy in public servants conducting public consultations.

Hannah has also closely contributed to our ongoing project with the National Democratic Institute on developing a national model for public consultation in Ukraine. As part of this project, Hannah participated in multiple study visits to Ukraine where she shared her expertise on public consultation data management.

Additionally, Hannah has contributed to our projects with Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) on improving data management in the homelessness sector. Read more about one of these projects here.

As she moves on to UCL, Hannah is looking forward to learning more about analyzing and visualizing geospatial data in cities (with London as a great case study). She will continue to work to promote the equitable use of data in urban environments.

We greatly appreciate Hannah’s work over the past year and wish her the best in her future studies at UCL! Thank you, and all the best in London.

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