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This Week in Open Government | January 18, 2013

  • OpenCorporates, the open database of the corporate world, reached a major milestone this week – the site now has information on over 50 million companies! Last month, OpenCorporates released an API to improve access to this data. Open North is proud to have contributed over 2 million company records to the database.

  • Yelp announced this week that they have partnered with local authorities in San Francisco and New York to add health code scores to their listings. Yelp developed a new open data standard, the “Local Inspector Value-entry Specification” (LIVES), under the guidance of the White House as part of this project. We hope to see Canadian municipalities adopting this standard in the coming years!

  • Jim Bronskill of the Canadian Press reports significant delays with respect to Access to Information requests at the federal level. We have experienced our share of challenges with access to information at the municipal level, which you can read about in our “Lessons From Represent” blog series.

  • We are pleased to announce that Open North has become an official supporter of Our friend, Michael Mulley is an asset to our work, and we are happy to support him in his initiative to make it easy to track the activities of the House of Commons.

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