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Toronto's Open Data Master Plan and Data4Impact Report

Drawing on our strategic planning, maturity modelling, and stakeholder engagement expertise, OpenNorth is supporting the City of Toronto in developing its Open Data Master Plan, and we’re going about this in a very engaging and collaborative way.

Through an iterative series of in-person and online consultations, we will be soliciting feedback from a broad range of internal and external stakeholders—including the public—to ensure our Open Data Master Plan and Roadmap is in support of the City’s commitment to Open Government and guided by our four principles:

  1. Co-developed with the public;

  2. Focus on releasing data sets that help solve civic issues and provide highest public benefit;

  3. Explore opportunities to improve City efficiency; and

  4. Embrace inclusivity to remove barriers to open data and strengthen resilience.

To review all Council decisions and progress made leading up to the development of the Open Data Master Plan, click here. Have your say and help shape the Open Data Master Plan and Roadmap by completing this online feedback form.

Data 4 Impact Workshop 2ed at CODS17

The 2nd edition of the Data 4 Impact Workshop held in Edmonton at the Canadian Open Data Summit this summer was designed to raise awareness of the value of data sharing within the non-profit sector and to provide frameworks that would be helpful to organizations in the development of plans to enable the effective use of data. The objective of the workshop was also to increase sector capacity by providing techniques and tools for participants to understand, collect and use data in their organizations.

Read the report here

The presentation used in the workshop available here and the results of the post-workshop survey are available here. The workshop was a joint collaboration between OpenNorth, Powered by Data, and Data4Good.

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