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Press Release: Announcement – Leadership Team at Open North

Partnership Announcement: Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC)

Partnership Announcement: The Firelight Group

Partnership Announcement: Responsible AI Institute

Partnership Announcement: Open North and Numana

Jean-Noé Landry Announced as New Obama Foundation Scholar

Lucas Mesquita

Open Smart Communities: Emerging Issues Webinar Series, Summer 2021

ANNOUNCEMENT: Welcoming Open North’s Interim Leadership Transition Team

Marie Plamondon

Decoding the Opportunities and Pitfalls of Open Smart Cities

Lucas Mesquita

The Advisory Service’s Online Courses Are Now Free To All Municipal & Community Staff!

Announcing an Open North leadership transition

Three principles for laying the foundations for collaborative data governance in the public interest

Megan Wylie

The art of data sharing webinar - recording now available!

How to Avoid Making Headlines for the Wrong Reasons

Miranda Sculthorp, Steve Coutts

Moving from passive participation toward productive resistance: Building community capacity to challenge smart city technology

Miranda Sculthorp

Using Data Literacy to Uncover the Food Data Ecosystem in Montreal

Peck Sangiambut

What does the data crisis in COVID-19 reveal?

Nabeel Ahmed, Megan Wylie

Opening up COVID-19 data: our pan-Canadian consultation on open and shared data during a pandemic

Speakers’ panel for the Open COVID-19 Data consultation - Recording available

Megan Wylie

Consultation on Open Covid-19 Data

Megan Wylie

Striving for open government through performance measure dashboards

Jean-Noé Landry

The challenges and opportunities for Canadian interoperability, open government, and privacy

Lessons from the Open Cities Network

Open North welcomes 3 new board members

Miranda Sculthorp

A look at our work with Synapse C

OpenNorth welcomes Ana Brandusescu as a fellow focused on AI in the city

On public consultation, elections, and cross-cultural knowledge exchange in Ukraine

ARL Open Data Analyst pursuing graduate studies at University College London

Summer Newsletter

Miranda Sculthorp

Reporting on Smart City Discourse from RightsCon 2019

Miranda Sculthorp

Looking back at our discussions on smart cities with French municipal leaders

Miranda Sculthorp

Two stories of open government from São Paulo and Santiago what we learned about local inclusion

Reflections on the Open Government Partnership Summit Let’s talk about literacy

What we're up to Data literacy and public consultations

Citizen Budget

Miranda Sculthorp

Open Discussions on Open Data at the City of Montreal

Miranda Sculthorp

What we’re up to Debates and Exchanges on Public Participation in France

What happened to my feedback?

Miranda Sculthorp

Workshop with the Boroughs of Montréal on a Mapping Tool

Jean-Noé Landry

What We’ve Achieved Together in 2018

Workshop on data management for a homelessness information system

Open Data and Inclusive Government Budgeting

Reviewing and Reflecting on the Past Year

Data Poverty can be Harmful for Citizens

OpenNorth is growing and we’d like you to meet our new colleagues

Open Data Matters for Democracy

Webinar Roundup

Jean-Noé Landry, Peck Sangiambut

AI in government: for whom, by whom?

Fostering Collaboration Between the Open Data and Civic Tech Movements in Canada

OpenNorth 2017 Year in Review!

Leading the Way in Budget Engagement in 2017

Open Data Standards Will Improve Public Information

Jean-Noé Landry, Peck Sangiambut

Speed, Opacity, and Outsourcing

Citizen Budget in France

Jean-Noé Landry

Do-It-Yourself Open Data Toolkit

Jean-Noé Landry

Introducing The State of Open Data

Toronto's Open Data Master Plan and Data4Impact Report

Situating Canadian Cities within an International Smart City Ecosystem

Summer 2017

Open Smart Cities in Canada: Ideals Versus Reality

Where you can find us in coming months

Winter 2017

Aligning Canadian Open Data Programs with International Best Practices

Mapping open data practices in Canadian sub-national governments to the international Open Data Charter

Can it make Canadian cities more resilient?

Fall 2016

Jean-Noé Landry

Canadians need to work together

Takeaways From Data 4 Impact

Jean-Noé Landry

Understanding the data needs of settlement organizations in Canada

Spreading the word about Citizen Budget, our innovative online budget simulator

Jean-Noé Landry

A New Initiative by Open North to Help Cities Succeed in Planning and Implementing Their Open Data Programs

Jean-Noé Landry

How Open North can help

Open North Spring 2016 Newsletter

Jean-Noé Landry

10 fundamentals to keep in mind when opening parliament

Coming up with standards at Open North

Open North's Winter Newsletter 2015

Open North's Citizen Budget Simulator Boosts Pioneering Citizen Engagement Project

Announcing a leadership transition at Open North

Je Veux Savoir, the end of a great journey

Jean-Noé Landry

MaRS Discovery District

Jean-Noé Landry

Open Data Ottawa

Jean-Noé Landry


Jean-Noé Landry

A Feedback Example To Follow

Renewing Democracy, One Idea at at Time

Jean-Noé Landry

A New National Program Finances OpenNorth to Improve Internet in Canada

Jean-Noé Landry

New National Program Funds Open North Project to Enhance Canada's Internet

Director of Strategic Initiatives (Full-Time, Remote)

Director, Strategic Initiatives and Outreach (Full-Time, Telecommute)

Making it easy to contact your representatives

Open Data Day 2014 and Open Government Partnership update

2013 Year in Review

Barrie launches Citizen Budget and Knight Foundation Report on Civic Tech

Progress Update

Best of the Open North Blog 2013

The Township of Langley launches Citizen Budget

Replicating the Open Data Institute

Announcing and Infothon on Nov 30th

Google's Civic Information API adds US representatives

The “civic power” sector

Cornwall launched Citizen Budget

New Resto-Net app and OpenGov Guide

Speed dating on open data

Create lasting customer service opportunities

Ensuring authentic results in Citizen Budget consultations

Open Ontario and the Aid Transparency Index

GitHub’s government initiative and Code for America’s new transparency book

Citizen Budget launches in Dieppe, NB

Citizen Budget launches in Markham and Yellowknife

Democracy Week events and Sunlight’s Procurement Guidelines

New crowdsourcing framework and Canadian open data study

VeloPlan San Francisco!

Action Plan on Open Government consultation

Québec Ouvert hackathon and extracting PDF data

New version of Popolo and

News Challenge winners and Open511 update

Major updates to Canada's open government initiatives

Interview with the creators of The Tyee's Election Map

I Vote for Transparency and the Global Open Data Initiative

Open North to expand its reach thanks to generous support from the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation

How nonprofits can leverage online budget consultation

Alberta Open Data Portal launches

New Citizen Budget pricing for small municipalities

Postal code accuracy analysis and the Personal Democracy Forum

Postcode data quality

BC Election results and Rackbin

Obama's executive order and VeloPlan

Thank you for supporting and!

GO Open Data Conference and revisiting the Geocoder case

MaMairie fundraiser success

Transparency Camp and the Participatory Budgeting Conference

Halifax's open data portal

This Week in Open Government

This Week in Open Government | March 22, 2013

Open Data Roundtable with Minister Clement

This Week in Open Government | March 15, 2013

This Week in Open Government | March 8, 2013

Open Postal Code Data

This Week in Open Government | March 1, 2013

This Week in Open Government | February 22, 2013

Introducing Popolo, an open government data specification


This Week in Open Government | February 15, 2013

This Week in Open Government | February 8, 2013

This Week in Open Government | February 1, 2013

Use Represent in your online campaigns with two new Drupal modules

This Week in Open Government | January 25, 2013

This Week in Open Government | January 18, 2013

This Week in Open Government | January 11, 2013

This Week in Open Government | January 4, 2013

This Week in Open Government | December 21, 2012

This Week in Open Government | December 14, 2012

This Week in Open Government | December 7, 2012

Connecting with your citizens | December 5, 2012

Connecting with your citizens

This Week in Open Government | November 30, 2012

Open Data, Standards and Socrata

Sunlight Foundation collaboration kick starts Open 13

This Week in Open Government | November 16, 2012

Open North on the road!

Citizen Budget Results From Plateau Mont-Royal

This Week in Open Government | November 9, 2012

Citizen Budget: The Advantages of Online Budgetary Consultations

This Week in Open Government | November 2, 2012

Setting up your online consultation

This Week in Open Government | October 26, 2012

This Week in Open Government | October 19, 2012

This Week in Open Government | October 12, 2012

Why Do It Online?

This Week in Open Government | October 5, 2012

Results from the Plateau

This Week in Open Government | September 28, 2012

Right to Know Week

This Week in Open Government | September 21, 2012

Open North receives $10,000 from SDEVM

Data Licenses in Canada

Canada’s Democracy Week

This Week in Open Government | September 16, 2012

This Week in Open Government | September 7, 2012

This Week in Open Government | August 31, 2012

If you don’t ask, you don’t get

This Week in Open Government | August 24, 2012

Open North wins social entrepreneurship award

Transportation and urban issues hackathon on September 8

Let’s Upgrade our Democracy

Canada Day campaign raises $4,180

Opening new roads with Open511

This Canada Day, help improve our democracy

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